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This wiki contains a benchmark library of mixed-integer optimal control problems. The main intention is to provide algorithm developers with a set of challenging problems to evaluate their numerical optimization methods. An important focus is given on reproducibility of optimal solutions. As, in contrast to say linear programming, there are no standard formats for the formulation of such problems, and they often show completely different characteristics, these pages dedicate some space for a thorough description of problem and solutions.

A more detailed description of the underlying concepts of this library can be found in the article <bibref>Sager2011b</bibref>

Sager, S., 'A benchmark library of mixed-integer optimal control problems', 
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming, Eds. J. Lee and S. Leyffer, 2012, pp. 631-670.

A preprint pdf is available.

News (add)

2015/11/10: Moved to a new server, please visit
2012/09/01: Added the Lotka Experimental Design and a category for experimental design problems
2011/09/29: Added the first set of AMPL optimal control problems using the TACO toolkit

Problem characterization (add)

via mathematical model - via optimal solution - via application area

ODE model - Bang bang - Chattering - AMPL - AMPL using TACO - C code - optimica - Periodicity

Problems (add)

Lotka Volterra fishing problem - Lotka Experimental Design - F-8 aircraft - Calcium - Calcium 2

Supermarket refrigeration system - Car testdrive - Fuller's problem - 1D wave - Subway - Truck cruise control

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