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Author Number of entries
A. Balluchi and L. Benvenuti and S. Engell and T. Geyer and K.H. Johansson and F. Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue and J. Lygeros and M. Morari and G. Papafotiou and A.L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and F. Santucci and O. Stursberg 1
A. Bemporad 1
A. Bemporad and F. Borrelli and M. Morari 1
A. Bemporad and M. Morari 2
A. Bemporad and P. Borodani and M. Mannelli 1
A. Bemporad and S. di Cairano and E. Henriksson and K.H. Johansson 1
A. Buchner 1
A. F\"ugenschuh and M. Herty and A. Klar and A. Martin 1
A. Herdt and H. Diedam and P.-B. Wieber and D. Dimitrov and K. Mombaur and M. Diehl 1
A. Itigin and J. Raisch and T. Moor and A. Kienle 1
A. Mahajan and S. Leyffer and C. Kirches 1
A. Martin and M. M\"oller and S. Moritz 1
A. Milewska 1
A. Prata and J. Oldenburg and A. Kroll and W. Marquardt 1
A.F. Izmailov and M.V. Solodov 1
A.T. Fuller 1
A.~Martin and M.~M\"oller 1
Abichandani, P. and Benson, H.Y. and Kam, M. 1
Albersmeyer, J. and Beigel, D. and Kirches, C. and Wirsching, L. and Bock, H.G. and Schl\"oder, J.P. 1
Alfke, D. 1
Aumann, R.J. 1
B. Chachuat and A.B. Singer and P.I. Barton 1
B. Izaias Silva and O. Stursberg and B.H. Krogh and S. Engell 1
B. Joseph-Duran and M. Jung and C. Ocampo-Martinez and S. Sager and G. Cambrano 1
B.J. Rothschild and A.F. Sharov and A.J. Kearsley and A.S. Bondarenko 1
B.T. Baumrucker and L.T. Biegler 1
Back, M. 1
Bahl, V. and Linninger, A.~A. 1
Barton, P.I. 2
Barton, P.I. and Lee, C.K. 2
Barton, P.I. and Pantelides, C.C. 1
Bemporad, A. and Borrelli, F. and Morari, M. 1
Bemporad, A. and F. Borrelli and M. Morari 2
Bemporad, A. and Morari, M. 1
Biegler, L.T. 1
Bock, H.G. and Longman, R.W. 2
Bodea, A. 1
Bonnans, J. F. and Guilbaud, T. and Ketfi-Cherif, A. and Wissel, D. von and Sagastizabal, C. and Zidani, H. 1
Brandt-Pollmann, U. and Lebiedz, D. and Diehl, M. and Sager, S. and Schl\"oder, J.P. 1
Brandt-Pollmann, U. and Winkler, R. and Sager, S. and Moslener, U. and Schl\"oder, J.P. 2
Branicky, M.~S. 2
Branicky, M.~S. and Borkar, V.~S. and Mitter, S.~K. 1
Bryson, A.E. and Ho, Y.-C. 1
Burgd\"orfer, H. 1
Buss, M. and Glocker, M. and Hardt, M. and Stryk, O. v. and Bulirsch, R. and Schmidt, G. 1
Buss, M. and Hardt, M. and Stryk, O. v. 1
Bussieck, Michael R. and Drud, Arne Stolbjerg and Meeraus, Alexander 1
C. Kirches 4
C. Kirches and H.G. Bock and J.P. Schl\"oder and S. Sager 4
C. Kirches and H.G. Bock and S. Leyffer 1
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