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Citing is easy. We use the bibwiki extension and work with a static BibTeX file.

Citing in a text

If you want to add a citation to a page, use the following line


Note that we use the standard format LastnamefirstauthorYear, possibly with an additional small latin letter to distinguish multiple publications that fit in.

Searching in the BibTeX file

Click here to search in the current BibTeX file.

New entries to the BibTeX file

We turned off editing the file for a simple reason: we need to stay consistent with a copy of the BibTeX file on different computers. Therefore we apologize for the inconvenience to use a workaround: send the BibTeX entry you want to cite via email to [User:SebastianSager me] and I will update the file manually as soon as possible. You can already include the (yet unknown) cite in the respective pages. <bibref>Sager2018</bibref>