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The ACADO manual

Houska, Boris, et al. "ACADO toolkit user’s manual." (2009): 3.

describes the toolkit as follows:

" ACADO Toolkit is a software environment and algorithm collection written in C++ for automatic control and dynamic optimization. It provides a general framework for using a great variety of algorithms for direct optimal control, including model predictive control as well as state and parameter estimation. It also provides (stand-alone) efficiently implemented Runge-Kutta and BDF integrators for the simulation of ODE’s and DAE’s. "

There a list of key properties is also given. The toolkit is open source and should be user-friendly. The code should be easy to extend (i.e. linking to it is simple) and self contained (no external software is required). Due to this properties the ACADO toolkit has become quite popular in research with Optimal Control Problems.

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