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This category lists all problems for which AMPL code is provided that uses the TACO Toolkit for AMPL Control Optimization extensions, compare [Kirches2011c]Author: C. Kirches; S. Leyffer
Journal: Mathematical Programming Computation
Number: 2
Pages: 227--265
Title: TACO -- A Toolkit for AMPL Control Optimization
Volume: 5
Year: 2013
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. As AMPL does not support differential equations, the traditional approach has been to include finite-dimensional discretizations of the problem dynamics in the AMPL model. TACO provides relief here by proposing a small set of extensions to the AMPL language that allows for easy and convenient modeling of ODE and DAE constraints as well as Bolza-type and least-squares-type objectives.


[Kirches2011c]C. Kirches; S. Leyffer (2013): TACO -- A Toolkit for AMPL Control Optimization. Mathematical Programming Computation, 5, 227--265Link to Google Scholar