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Here we describe how to set up your own personal page.


For each registered user there already exists an empty page. To unify appearance and simplify the creation process, there is a sample page provided below. It is meant as a start and you can add as much information about yourself as you like. However, the basic sections structure should not be modified.

To create your page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in.
  2. Upload a portrait of you (if you like) using the <Upload file> button in the Toolbox.
  3. Select and copy the content of the section "Sample Page" to the clipboard.
  4. Go to your (still empty) page by clicking on your username at the top left page corner or pressing <Alt-Shift-.> simultaneously.
  5. Edit the page and paste the clipboard there.
  6. Fill out the placeholders. Some fields may not be appropriate for you, so do not hesitate to remove them or put them into comment tags.
  7. Add references to adequate categories.
  8. Save your page. Don't forget to write a commit message.


Sample Page

<!-- Prevent creation of a table of content -->
<!-- User image
  You have to upload it first. 
  If you do not want an image comment out the following line. 
== Personal ==
| '''Name''': || Dr. MYNAME
| '''Affiliation''': || [ NAME OF THE INSTITUTE, UNIVERSITY, ...]
| '''Background''': || Subject of your studies and work, e.g., mathematics, chemical engineering, ...
== Contact ==
| '''Address''': || STATE YOUR ADDRESS HERE
| '''Web''': || [http://my.url http://my.url]
| '''Email''': ||
<!-- Categories
  Here you can list the categories you are interested in.
  You can find a list of all categories at [[Special:Categories]]