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This category contains the list of problems for which JuMP code has been added.

JuMP stands for 'Julia for Mathematical Programming' and is a modelling language similar to AMPL. It is written in the programming language Julia.

Julia/JuMP is an open source project started in 2012 at MIT, Cambridge. Its aim is to be highly intuitive and as quick as commercial modelling languages while still maintaining the open source aspect of programming. As JuMP (like AMPL) is only able to solve Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization Problems (MINLPs) you cannot simply pass an MIOCP to JuMP but have to somehow reduce it to a MINLP e.g. by discretizing by hand, which can then be solved by JuMP.

For more information on Julia see the Julia homepage, the homepage of the Julia optimization group or the documentation page of Julia.

More info regarding JuMP can be found on the documentation page of JuMP.

Artificial Pancreas Experimental Design

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