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This category lists all problems for which AMPL code is provided. AMPL is a modeling language for mathematical programming, comparable to GAMS and ZIMBL. Its modeling syntax is very close to the mathematical one, and a wide range of linear and nonlinear (mixed-integer) solvers are interfaced. It comes with a commercial licence (free student version limited by 300 variables).

AMPL does not directly support control problems or differential equations, hence all models are a (finite-dimensional) discretization in one sense or another of a control problem.

They can be either obtained by hand, or by means of an automatized export. One example are the compilers available to process optimica models that automatically generate AMPL output, e.g., by applying a Radau collocation.

Recently, the TACO Toolkit for AMPL Control Optimization is a new effort aimed at modeling optimal control problems in AMPL. A small set of extensions allows to decouple the choice of a discretization scheme from the actual AMPL model. MUSCOD-II is the first solver to support AMPL models using the TACO extension.


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