Oil Shale Pyrolysis

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Oil Shale Pyrolysis
State dimension: 1
Differential states: 2
Continuous control functions: 1
Discrete control functions: 0
Path constraints: 4
Interior point equalities: 2

The following problem is an example from the global optimal control literature and was introduced in [Wen1977]The entry doesn't exist yet..

Mathematical formulation

 \displaystyle \min_{u} &  \displaystyle &-x_1(t_N)^2  \\[1.5ex]
 \mbox{s.t.} &  \displaystyle \dot{x}_0 &= -k_0x_0-(k_2+k_3+k_4)x_0x_1\\
 &  \displaystyle \dot{x}_1 &= k_0x_0-k_1x_1 + k_2x_0x_1\\
 &  \displaystyle k_i &= a_i e^{-u\frac{b_i}{R}},\quad \forall i\in \{1,\dots,5\} \\ [1.5ex]
 &  \displaystyle t &\in \left[t_0,t_N\right] \\
 &  \displaystyle u(t) &\in \left[698.15/748.15,1\right]\\
 &  \displaystyle x(t_0) &= (1,0)^T\\

where this is the normalized form with

 u(t)= \frac{1}{u_{temp}} , with

 u_{temp} \in \left[698.15,748.15\right]


State variables
Symbol Initial value (t_0)
x_0(t) 1
x_1(t) 0
Symbol Value
a_1 8.86
a_2 24.25
a_3 23.67
a_4 18.75
a_5 20.7
b_1 20.3
b_2 37.4
b_3 33.8
b_4 28.2
b_5 31.0
Control variable
Symbol Interval
u(t) [698.15748.15,1]

Measurement grid

Reference solution

Coming soon.

Source Code

Model descriptions are not yet available.


[Wen1977]The entry doesn't exist yet.