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2023/10/19: Added new category generalized inverse optimal control
2023/10/19: Added LinearMetabolic problem

Older news

2019/3/14: Added multiple control problems with Python GEKKO implementation
2018/9/12: Added Control of Transmission Lines problem
2016/7/26 : Added Industrial robot problem
2016/7/24 : Added CSTR problem
2016/6/30 : Added Electric Car problem
2016/5/5: Added multiple control problems with AMPL with TACO implementation
2016/2/23: Added Actuator Placement control problem and Elliptic, Parabolic and Hyperbolic categories
2016/1/10: Added Van der Pol Oscillator, Batch reactor, Cushioned Oscillation and Goddart's rocket problem control problems
2015/11/10: Moved mintoc.de to a new server
2012/09/01: Added the Lotka Experimental Design and a category for experimental design problems
2011/09/29: Added the first set of AMPL optimal control problems using the TACO toolkit
2010/11/21: Added New York Subway ride control problem
2010/11/18: Extended description of problem characterization
2010/11/18: Description of benchmark library as pdf file preprint
2010/08/16: Added Bang-bang approximation of a traveling wave 1D PDE example
2010/02/11: Launch of EU project embocon.org
2009/11/20: Added External Links page
2009/10/26: Revision and Correction of several optimica models
2009/08/26: Knitro solution for F-8 aircraft (AMPL)
2009/08/11: F-8 aircraft new local minimum found with optimica/ipopt
2009/07/31: New category optimica introduced
2009/07/07: Category:AMPL revised page with discretized MINLPs in AMPL format

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