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This wiki contains a benchmark library of mixed-integer optimal control problems. The main intention is to provide algorithm developers with a set of challenging problems to evaluate their numerical optimization methods. An important focus is given on reproducibility of optimal solutions. As, in contrast to say linear programming, there are no standard formats for the formulation of such problems, and they often show completely different characteristics, these pages dedicate some space for a thorough description of problem and solutions.

A more detailed description of the underlying concepts of this library can be found in the article [Sager2012b]Author: S. Sager
Booktitle: Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Editor: J. Lee and S. Leyffer
Pages: 631--670
Publisher: Springer
Title: A benchmark library of mixed-integer optimal control problems
Year: 2012
Link to Google Scholar
, of which a preprint pdf is available.

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2023/10/19: Added new category generalized inverse optimal control
2023/10/19: Added LinearMetabolic problem

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1D wave - Actuator Placement - Bioreactor - Batch reactor - Calcium - Calcium 2 - Car testdrive - Cushioned Oscillation - Diels-Alder OED - Double Tank - Electric Car - F-8 aircraft - Fuller's problem - Gravity Turn - Heating - Industrial robot - Lotka - Lotka OED - Oscillator - Pyrolysis - Rocket - Source Inversion - Subway - Supermarket - Truck

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[Sager2012b]S. Sager (2012): A benchmark library of mixed-integer optimal control problems. Springer, Mixed Integer Nonlinear ProgrammingLink to Google Scholar